Endodontic Procedures

Why are root canals necessary?  A root canal is necessary when the nerve of a tooth becomes irritated and infected.  Some of the factors that contribute to a need for root canals include deep decay, large or leaking fillings, tooth trauma or fractures and gum disease.   The result is that bacteria multiples within the tooth.  This often causes pressure, pain and swelling.  If nerve deterioration is gradual there may be very little pain.  If left untreated the bacteria can affect surrounding bone and tissues.

What is a Root Canal Treatment? A root canal is the process by which the nerve of the infected tooth is removed.  The nerve canals within your tooth are cleaned, shaped and disinfected.  Radiographs are taken to confirm that the infected nerve has been removed.  The canals are then permanently filled with a resin material.   After the root canals have been filled the crown of the tooth is restored to function with dental filling materials.  A crown is often recommended for root canal treated teeth as they are more prone to fractures.