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Meet Dr. Raimundo

Creating beautiful and healthy smiles provides Dr. Lin Raimundo of Parry Sound Family Dentistry with a reason to smile.

Dr. Lin Raimundo HBSc, MSc, PhD, DDS

Many of Dr. Raimundo’s patients ask “What do all the letters after your name mean?”

Dr. Raimundo has always had a zeal for knowledge and to that end she has completed four post graduate university degrees!  Dr. Raimundo completed an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biochemistry at University of Toronto.  She then went on to complete a Master of Science, also at the University of Toronto.  Her Master’s thesis explored neurophysiology of various genes in order to gain an understanding of human conditions such as Alzheimer’s and received an award for this research. Following this degree, Dr. Raimundo extended her learning by attending The University of Western Ontario to carry out research in Human Bone Physiology.  Dr. Raimundo completed her Ph.D. thesis on Osteoclasts, the bone cells responsible for human conditions such as osteoporosis and tooth decay, thus earning her first doctoral degree.  During this time Dr. Raimundo published many articles in esteemed journals, such as the Journal of Biochemistry, presented numerous research presentations and published book chapters.  Dr. Raimundo has also taught undergraduate courses at The University of Western Ontario in Human Physiology, to both medical and dental students.  It was during this time that Dr. Raimundo developed a love for dentistry and upon completion of her Ph.D. she attended the University of Western Ontario’s School of Dentistry.  Here, she continued to carry out science research, as well as complete her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.  Every year Dr. Raimundo attends conferences, training seminars and lectures to update her professional skills.  

As a graduate of the School of Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Raimundo has an ardent interest in general, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Her wealth of knowledge and experience provides patients with quality, personalized service, ensuring that each visit is pleasant and comfortable.  Dr. Raimundo believes in taking the time to explain all possible treatment options and services available to her patients.  Dr. Raimundo makes each individual feel they are a part of the process. Her reputation for patient-friendly service has made her a much-loved family dentist.

Dr. Raimundo feels her professional and caring dental team is among her most valuable assets. Together, they create a fun, relaxing atmosphere that caters to a growing number of patients. Patients appreciate the office's personalized care and relaxed environment.

A part of your community, Dr. Raimundo lives in Nobel with her husband, and their two sons. As an active member of the community, Dr. Raimundo volunteers her time to visit area public schools and give student presentations on how to care for their teeth.  She can be found coaching soccer or attending various activities in which her sons are involved.  Dr. Raimundo is an avid runner and participates in 10 km competitions throughout Ontario.